Propane Heaters and the Workplace

Propane Heaters and the Workplace

space-heaters-propane-gas-1-1Anyone who has experienced a cold office or workplace knows that it is hard to devote all of their energy to their work in such an environment. Studies done at Cornell University show that employees subjected to cold office or workplace temperatures (20 degrees Celsius, 68 degrees Fahrenheit) will make 44% more mistakes than coworkers who are operating at a comfortable room temperature (23-25 degrees Celsius, 73-77 degrees Fahrenheit). The truth is that when our bodies are cold, we are not only more prone to mistakes, but spend more time concentrating on our core temperature than on our work. This results in less inspiration, focus and work capability, creating an environment of lower overall workplace functionality and efficiency. It is in the best interests of employers to ensure that their workers are kept warm in the workplace to ensure the highest level of productivity is reached.

Not only does a well-heated workplace improve workplace productivity, it genuinely makes employees happier. The same Cornell study shows that individuals who are provided with a warm workplace environment tend to show greater altruism, corporate loyalty and warmer association with coworkers. In effect, a well-heated environment is more likely to increase worker cohesion, decreasing office tension and increasing overall productivity. This is particularly true for tradespeople operating in outdoor environments, especially during the cold winter months.

Besides providing a warm environment (which is conducive to better productivity), propane heaters on job sites keep them at a regulated temperature, which improves the setting time of concrete, mortar and plaster and helps avoid frozen water pipes, brittle wood and limits moisture and condensation inside homes, commercial and industrial spaces. Propane heaters are ideal for outdoor trades jobs because they are not dependant on electricity and are very portable and flexible depending on a company’s needs. Many products include automatic shut-offs, making them safe to operate even on a chaotic job site, and can weigh as little as 20 pounds (8 kilograms), making them very easy to move to wherever they are needed.

Even in commercial offices, portable propane heaters can be operated without safety concerns to spread warmth to workers who are not close to the central heating system of the building. Instead of heating the building using the central furnace or boiler, which can be prohibitively expensive, small-scale, portable heaters can be used to bring heat to far corners of a building to maintain worker loyalty and improve workplace efficiency. Many of these small portable propane heaters operate at 99.9% efficiency and feature low-oxygen automatic shut-offs, making them safe to operate in enclosed areas. There is simply no better way to provide consistent heat throughout a building or work site than a portable propane heater.

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